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About us

Iso Paint Nordic A/S develops, produces and markets solutions based on scientific research, among these roof coatings, special coatings, and impregnations. Iso Paint Nordic is known for climate active coatings, among other things. It is our aim to be the preferred supplier providing the best service and the widest product range.

At the same time, it is our avowed goal to set the quality standard in our sector without compromising on neither environmental nor health related standards. In order to be ground-braking in our field all the time, Iso Paint Nordic’s products and solutions are based on scientific and application-oriented research, and we co-operate with some of the market’s leading suppliers, distributors, and roof coaters.

Iso Paint Nordic is owned by Tikkurila Danmark, a company covering several strong brands, among others Beckers, Tikkurila Industri, and ClimateCooler. Tikkurila Danmark belongs to the Tikkurila Group with 3,500 employees worldwide. In 2010 Tikkurila Oyj was listed on the stock exchange in Helsinki, and it is the leading producer of paint and coatings in the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe, and Russia.


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