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HydroBlock WB


Product description:
Alkali-resistant modified alkyl silane preservative that penetrates well into the substrate. Prevents capillary penetration of rain and splash water into the structure and gives the surface a high “pearling” and anti-adhesive effect. Allows water vapour coming from inside the structure to pass through. HydroBlock WB prevents salts moving to the surface of the structure. No superficial film formation. Prevents frost damages.

Product properties and use:
Facades of residential, office and industrial buildings, warehouses, bridge structures.
Suitable for substrates such as bricks, sand-lime bricks, mortar, sandstone, granite, and mineral plaster.

Technical data

Alkyl silane


Packaging sizes:
5 l, 25 l

0,95 - 1 kg/l

Dry content:
6 vol %

Penetration depth:
2 - 18 mm depending on substrate

3 – 8 m2/l

The practical spreading rate depends on the porosity of the material.

Clean the surfaces from dirt, dust and salts. Moldy and mossy surfaces are washed with Iso A-Clean according to instructions.

The surface to treat has to be dry, clean and absorbing, in order to guarantee a deep penetration of the water-repellent product. The application of the product in presence of strong wind or rain must be avoided. It is suggested to use the product at room temperatures between 8° C and 30° C.
The surface to treat has to be soaked by spraying “wet on wet” till saturation point.
The solution has to be applied in 1 – 2 layers to obtain the best result.

A surface already treated with a water-repellent product will not allow the penetration of other silane watery solutions. The liquid not absorbed may cause spots on the surface – these are very difficult to remove.

All splashes, if any, must be wiped away from windows immediately. It is recommended to cover windows before applying HydroBlock WB.

The new surface has to be dry and hardened before application.

Do not dilute – use as it is

Application temperature:
The temperature must be between 8° C and 30° C and 85 % RH

Application method:
Brush, roller, or spray.
Brush or roller: The application is more difficult due to the low viscosity.
Spray: Unit of pressure 0,5-1 bar, adjust the pressure according to the target – not to be atomized.

Drying time:
Laboratory tests

 Wet layer thickness 200 µm 

 20 °C / 65 % RH 

Touch dry

3 minutes


1 - 2 hours

Fully cured

6 days

Cleaning of equipment:
Water and soap

Cool, protected from frost, in tightly closed packaging, and out of reach of children

No spillage into drains, to be disposed of at the local recycling centre

HydroBlock WB




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