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Iso A-Clean

Iso A-Clean

Product description:
Water-dilutable cleaning product

Product properties and use:
Iso A-Clean is to be used on outside surfaces like roofs and facades, skylight windows, plinth courses, and walls.
Iso A-Clean effectively removes dirt and grease. To be used in dry weather on dry surfaces.
Iso A-Clean achieves its maximum effect within 3 - 4 days.

Not to be used on solar cells.

Iso A-Clean is supplied as a concentrate and it is always to be used diluted.

Technical data


Packaging sizes:
25 l, 200 l, 1000 l

1 kg/l – both concentrate and ready-to-use solution

Dry content:
50 % in concentrate, 1 – 2 % in dilution and ready-to-use product 

Spreading rate:
2 – 6 m2/l in ready-to-use solution

The practical spreading rate depends on the condition of the substrate 

Clean thoroughly using high-pressure. Apply Iso A-Clean in ready-to-use solution, when the surface is dry.

No stirring/shaking

Iso A-Clean is supplied as a concentrate

- Ready-to-use dilution for very dirty surfaces: 1 part of Iso A-Clean to 25 parts of water (2 % solution)
- Ready-to-use dilution for ordinary maintenance and cleaning before painting: 1 part Iso A-Clean to 50 parts of water (1 % solution)

The use of a higher concentration will not increase the effectiveness of Iso A-Clean

Application temperature:
The temperature must be between 8° C and 30° C and 85 % RH.

Application method:
Use protective gloves and safety glasses during application
Apply with paintbrush, brush, or sprayer

When cleaning vertical surfaces, it is recommended to use a low pressure sprayer in addition to paintbrush and brush.
Only apply Iso A-Clean until the surface is saturated.

All excess liquid must be collected. Do not channel into the ground, streams, or drains.

Cleaning of equipment:
Water and soap

Cool, protected from frost in tightly closed packaging, and out of reach of children

Do not channel into the drain – dispose of at the local recycling centre.




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