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Iso Silicone Facade Paint
Product description:

Mat and weatherproof silicon emulsion façade paint, which provides good opacity and very good adhesion to mineral surfaces. The surface becomes dirt and water repellent and when dry the surface is still open to moisture evaporation. It provides excellent protection against growth of any kind because it keeps the surface dry.

Furthermore it provides excellent protection to mineral surfaces such as concrete, tied silicate and plastered surfaces even on previously painted  surfaces.

The very durable construction and water resistance of Iso Silicone Façade Paint gives the surface very good resistance against the severe pollution consisting of sulfur dioxide and others in cities and industrial areas and keeps the surface clean for years to come.

Use and application:

The surface must be clean, dry and sustainable any growths or similar must be removed using Iso A-Clean (see datasheet for use). Newly casted concrete and other new surfaces can not be treated within the first year. Facades made of bricks and other tile like materials

must be frost proof. Damages on the surface must be repaired and any moisture and efflorescence must be avoided.

Very absorbent substrates must be treated with Iso Silicone Facade Primer before application of Iso Silicone Facade Paint.

Iso Silicone Facade Paint must be applied in two steps:

1) 1. layer can be diluted with 5 % water.
2) 2. layer must be applied undiluted.

Recommendation: Always make a test coat to ensure the compatability of product and surface.

Technical Data:

Composition: Polysiloxane emulsion polymers Colours: White and pastels. Density: 1,51 g/ml Gloss: 1-2 Spreading rate: appr.  5-6 m²/l Dilution: max 5 % water Drying time:  1-2hours by 20°C and 60% RH. Repaintable: 12 hours Application conditions: The temperature must be between5°C - 30 °C and max. 80% RH. Application method: brush, spray or roller Permeability: sd-value: 0,18m Cleaning: water VOC: max.  40 g/l (Cat. A/c) Storage: Cool, but free of frost in closed containers and out the reach of children.



Iso Silicone Facademaling

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Iso Silicone Facademaling

Iso Silicone Facademaling

Iso Silicone Facademaling

Iso Silicone Facademaling


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