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Eternit Primer


Product description:
Eternit Primer is a water dilutable pigmented primer based on acrylic dispersions.

Product properties and use:
Eternit Primer is used as primer on fibre cement roofs. It is especially suitable for rather old, very absorbent roof plates. The primer penetrates into the fibre cement plate and ensures good adhesion of the topcoat, applied subsequently.

Eternit Primer always has to be coated with Isonit or Rubber, subsequently.
Rubber is especially recommended for degraded primed fibre cement plates.

Technical data

Water dilutable pigmented primer based on acrylic dispersions

Standard colours: black, mocca and red-brown

Packaging sizes:
20 l

1,1 kg/l depending on colour

65 sec DIN kop 4

Dry content:
Approx. 33 weight %, approx. 23 vol. %

3 at 60°

Spreading rate:
6 m2/l depending on the condition of the surface


  Theoretical spreading rate 

 Recommended layer thickness, 1.layer 



6,0 m2/l

175 µm

40 µm

The practical spreading rate depends on application method, form and surface of the material. It varies from 4 to 8 m2/l.

The roof must be cleaned thoroughly using high-pressure and Iso A-Clean.
The surface must be clean, dry, and sustainable.

The coating must be stirred before use.

To be used non-diluted.

Application temperature:
The temperature must be between 8° C and 30° C and
Application method:
Brush, roller, or airless, nozzle sizes 19-21, 180-220 bar

Always make a test coat to ensure the compatibility of product and surface.

Drying time:
Laboratory tests

 Wet layer thickness 200 µm 

 20 °C / 65 % RH 

Touch dry

1 hour


2 hours

Fully cured

24 hours 

The drying and times for recoating depend on layer thickness, temperature, relative air humidity, and air circulation.

Cleaning of equipment:
Water and soap

Cool, protected from frost, in tightly closed packaging, and out of reach of children

Paint remains are to be disposed of at the local recycling centre.

VOC: Max. 30 g/l (Kat. A/h)

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