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Isonit Industrial TopCoat
Product description:

Special developed Industrial Roof coating for in a continuous industrial process in which it dries very quickly, so that the coated items may be stacked immediately after.  

Industrial Roof coating is based on the latest nanotechnologies with self cross linking special Resins, ultra micronized pigments, which are extra colorfast and together with the self cross linking Resin penetrates the surface of the coated concrete and have a unique adhesion.  

Also, Industrial Roof Coating contains special nanowaxes which, in addition to an extra hydrophobic self cleaning surface also allows the coated elements to be stacked immediately after they are coated and dried.

Furthermore, the coated surface because of its content of nanowaxes reduces adhesion of dirt, algae and pollution from the air (smoke)

Technical data:

Colors: According to customers needs.
Base: Water based
Packaging: 25 ltr. containers, 200 ltr. drums, 1000 ltr. IBC containers
Drying time: 1 minute on a 50 degree hot surface.
Spreading: 150 gr. Pr. M2 ( 21 gr. pr. concrete tile )
PH: 8,5 – 9
Density: Approx 1,08 grams depending on the color
Storage: Dry and frost-free.

Isonit Industrial Topcoat


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