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Isonit Roofcoating

Isonit Roofcoating is based on nanopolyurethane optimized acrylic polymers which show lasting flexibility, waterrepellency, breathability,
UV-resistance and fast drying. Isonit is also easy to apply, has good adhesion to the surface and provides your roof with a nice and clean look for years to come. By sunshine Isonit is also suitable, if needed you can dilute with 10% water also for the second application.




Before using Isonit the surface must be cleaned using Iso A-Clean and a low pressure water cleaner.
If the surface is in poor condition it is necessary to use Isonit Construction as a primer to rebuild it before painting.
The roof must be dry and the weather stable without any forecast about rain or showers.

Isonit is applied in 2 steps:

1. layer diluted with up to 20% water
2. layer undiluted.

After 1-6 hours, the second application can be made, depending on temperature and humidity.
Isonit roof coatings can be used on roofs of cement, fiber cement , steel plates and concrete tiles.
Isonit can be used on surfaces such as concrete, fibercement and rustprotected steel.

Recommendation: Always make a test coat to ensure the compatability of product and surface.



Technical Data:


Composition: Nanopolyurethane optimized acrylic polymers in combination with UV-stable pigments.
Colours: Black, anthracite grey, anthracite grey dark, light grey, slate grey, oxide red, Swedish red, red brown, mocha, bordeaux red, tile red and blue black. Density: 1,15 g/ml. Dry content: Appr. 50 w/w% and 45 w/v%. Gloss: 12 –mat, 20-satin, 50 semi gloss. 80- gloss. Spreading rate: Appr. 3-6 m²/l. Dilution: Water max 20%. Drying time: 1-2 hours by 20°C and 60% RH. Repaintable: 1-6 hours. Application conditions: The temperature must be 5°C - 30 °C and max. 80% RH. Application method: brush, roller airless spray. Cleaning: Water. VOC: Max. 40 g/l (Cat. A/c). Storage: Cool, but free of frost in closed containers and out the reach of children. Certified: Has passed the accelerated weatheringtest against sun and moisture ISO 11341-A:2004.

Isonit beforeIsonit after

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