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ProCover WB


Product description:

New, unique and extremely effective! This is the new product for the protection of buildings, facades, concrete and tiles – in other words, ideal for the construction industry. This product has a self-cleaning effect which works against pollution and dirt, e.g. on facades, pavement stones and terraces and provides effective protection for stone surfaces.

ProCover is a water-based anti-stick cover for absorbent mineral base materials and protects against water, oil and fat based pollution.

ProCover simplifies the removal of ice (in winter) and prevents the development of algae and other deposits.


Terrace paving, paving stones, courtyard entrances, car parks, paved drive­ways, staircases, facades, roofs, artificial stone, concrete ceiling elements, wall facades, concrete blocks, bricks, facade stones and other kinds of concrete constructions.

The product can be applied with a low-pressure pump, a roller or a brush. In the case of a low-pressure pump use a maximum pressure of 4 bar. Do not apply the product in the form of an atomised spray. The surface should be clean and dry. In order to obtain the best effect, apply the product so heavily that it penetrates the surface; if further treatment is necessary, then apply this wet-on-wet since the surface cannot be re-impregnated once it is already dry. The final result can be observed after approx. 7 days. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying ProCover ™ and make a test to ensure compatability with the surface.

Please make a test coat of the surface for controling the capability.

Technical Data :

Colour: Colourless.

Drying time: Approx. 1 hour at 20°C.

Yield: Approx. 2-25 m2/ litre, depending on absorption factor. Example "concrete paving stones" - approx. 1 litre ProCover for 5 m2.

Application: Brush, paint-roller or low-pressure spray gun.

Dilution: The product is supplied ready-to-use, no dilution possible.

Cleaning: Clean all tools etc. immediately after use. Wash them carefully in warm, soapy water.

Package sizes: 25 litres.

Storage: Dry, frost-free and out of the reach of children


Procover WB

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