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Iso Dry Creme Extreme


Product description

Iso Dry Creme Extreme is an aqueous, solvent based, creamy hydrophobic impregnating agent based on a extra high content of the active ingredients
nano, silane and siloxane.  It is also used to impregnate facades with mineral surfaces such as concrete, bricks and limestone and others.  Iso Dry Creme
Extreme has a creamy appearance and is easy to apply. Iso Dry Creme Extreme is based on the latest nanotechnology, this means it consists of very small
particles which penetrates the surface building a chemical bond to concrete and other mineral materials. This property enhances the surface, makes it waterresistant and provides it with new life. Iso Dry Creme Extreme is used on both new and old surfaces, it penetrates the material and keeps the walls dry, which ensures the insulation properties of the masonry. It prevents the degradation of mineral materials because of the waterrepellency, which also helps to prevent frostdamages and on newer surfaces efflorescence. Iso Dry Creme Extreme also reduces the possibilities for growths to stick onto the surface and the following discolourisation. Iso Dry Creme Extreme treated surfaces can be cleanede normally.
Iso Dry Creme Extreme retains these properties for about 25 years.


Use and application:

The surface must be clean, dry and sustainable. New surfaces can be treated right away.
Older surfaces or surfaces which are very dirty or overgrown must be treated with Iso A-clean prior to the treatment with Iso Dry Creme Extreme. When the
surface is visibly dry and feels dry after about 24 hours the treatment with Iso Dry Creme Extreme can take place.

Iso Dry Ceme Extreme is applied to the clean and dry surface in adequate amounts using a brush or a roller. Usually one application is enough, if you want to make a second application it must be done within 1 hour of the first application or else the first layer of  Iso Dry Creme Extreme will block the next treatment.

Recommendation: Always make a test coat to ensure the compatability of product and surface.


Technical data

Composition: Nano/Silan/Siloxsan
Colours: Milky white, when dry colourless.
Spreading rate: appr. 2-5 m²/l
Dilution: Ready for use
Application conditions: The temperature must be 5°C - 30°C and max. 80% RH.
Application method: Brush or roller
Cleaning: Water and soap
Storage: Cool, but free of frost in closed containers and out the reach of children.

Iso Dry Creme Extreme

ISO Dry Creme Extreme




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