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Isonit Construction


Isonit Construction is used to improve new and restore old roof and façade cladding
of fi bre cement, e.g., asbestos cement, where there is a risk of degradation
of the cladding material. The material may already have changed visibly due to
ageing, with peeling of the cladding material itself, making the fi bres visible. The
cladding may also have absorbed moisture and water, or salts may have been
released from the material.

Fibre cement will be aff ected in this way more frequently, due to the climate
change, with much longer periods of unstable weather, with periods of damp,
rain, large hailstones, snow and hard frost. All these conditions mean that fi bre
cement cladding in particular may
need to be treated in order to improve or restore the chemical properties
between the fi bres, cement and various fi llers, including SiO2 (silicium), of which
fi bre cement consists.

Isonit Construction provides deep chemical impregnation which bonds chemically
with the material content of the fi bre cement. It also prevents moisture
from penetrating and corrupting the material. Frost damage can be prevented
when the water in the material freezes and thereby expands, breaking off small
pieces from the surface. Isonit Construction also helps to reduce effl orescence
on the surface.

Isonit Construction also improves the surface of the fi bre cement so that
any subsequent treatment using roof paint will achieve be er adhesion and
prolonged durability.


Application: Isonit Construction

Isonit Construction should be applied to a clean surface. It is important for the
surface to be dry before commencing treatment as this promotes deep penetration,
as well as boosting the chemical process that helps bonding it to the fi bre
cement’s own structure. Isonit Construction must always be treated with Isonit
Roof paint or ClimateCooler.

Isonit Construction can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun (note, at low
It is important that weather conditions are stable, with no prospect of rain or
showers for 30 minutes after the treatment has been applied.

During application, skylights etc. made of glass or plastic must be covered
up completely.

To achieve optimum eff ect, Isonit Construction must be used undiluted.
Please make a test coat on the surface for controling the compatability


Technical data

Colour: Dries to a colourless finish
Packaging: 25 l cans, 200 l drums and 600 l
IBC containers Coverage: approx. 4 - 8 m2/ l depending on the condition of the
Application method: brush, paint roller or paint spray (note, at low
Application temperature: min. 5°and max. 40°
Drying time:
at 20°C and atmospheric humidity of 60%, approx. 1 ½ hours
approx. 1.01 g/ml
Dry content: approx. 20% active agents
tools, pumps etc. in lukewarm
water Storage: dry, frost-free and out of the reach of children
max 30 g/l (cat. A/h).

Isonit Construction


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